• Client Side Noteblocks. Modrinth, Curseforge
    • A Minecraft mod to reduce audio latency when playing noteblocks in Minecraft. Works by processing inputs on the client instead of waiting for the server to play the sound.
    • 100k+ downloads
  • To Do List. Spigot
    • Simple Plugin for Spigot that holds a To Do List on your Minecraft server.
  • Quick Report Hypixel
    • Forge mod to make reporting blatant cheaters take less time

And many more smaller projects on my GitHub like:

  • This website and an API so you know what books I’m reading/have read
  • Some slack bots like, this
  • Contributed to Modflared
    • A Minecraft Mod that handles opening cloudflare tunnels to connect to servers behind them
  • Some stuff with the Replay Mod

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